5 Healthy Tips for Raking Your Lawn!

Who Likes to Rake?

OK, if this rain stops soon, we will all need to rake what that huge tree in our lawn and neighbourhood just dropped for us.

Here are a few tips to follow:

1. Dress warm yet comfortable: Remember, you will be working hard, so dress warm but not like an oven. You need to move and be flexible to pick up all those lovely leaves.

2. Get a good rake: Hey, if you have to rake, might as well use a good tool. Try them out and make sure they are comfortable, solid to hold and wide enough to do the job. Don’t cheap out!

3. Listen to your Healthy Body: While you are raking, make sure you stop for even a moment to stretch those muscles that hate doing that job. Even simple, gentle movements get your blood moving and ease tension.

4. Watch your Posture: Take a wide stance and avoid twisting. Rake to the sides moving your legs and Healthy Body together, but remember to switch sides so you don’t do every move the same way. Change is good. Stand up for just a moment to take a break. Having to stand and bend over is still repetition that can wear you and your joints out.

5. Rest: after the job with gentle stretches if you are feeling stiff and remember to hydrate yourself. Water always works best!


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