Chiropractic Care For Seniors

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Dr. Scales and his team utilizes a number of natural therapeutic interventions to help our senior patients enjoy a less painful and more functional way of life.

On your first visit, Dr. Scales will assess your health and function and give recommendations on how to overcome your unwanted health problem. Dr. Scales combines the latest advances in chiropractic medicine and physical rehab. If needed, Dr. Scales will communicate with your medical professionals and request any diagnostic reports to help formulate an appropriate care plan. We will keep your medical doctor up to date with regards to your progress and any changes that may occur.

Dr. Scales will usually recommend a combination of pain relieving modalities and active exercise to increase function along with appropriate chiropractic manipulation and mobilization using comfortable and safe techniques.

Our office utilizes cervical and lumbar traction-decompression. If you are suffering from stenosis, sciatica or degenerative arthritis you may be a good candidate for this treatment option.